Lights, Camera, Action!

Hello, new week, new challenge!

The exercise for this week was a “Film Challenge” – well, within the remits of HTML!



  1. Choose an actor you really like: √
  2. List 4 of their films (use ordered list tag) with a poster from the film: √
  3. Turn each poster (image) into a link, the link should point to the IMDB page for that film: √ (yep, they do)
  4. Take a screenshot of your page when finished and place it on your blog: √

Learning Outcome:

  • Know how to create lists
  • How to make an image into a link

Result: The color scheme of the posters was unintentional. 🙂 

Johnny Depp Movies
Popular Johnny Depp Movies Overview

P.S. The Audi Dublin Film Festival is on until the 26 February if you want to catch a beautiful movie or a strange one, in any case one you may never be able to see again!